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DJ South Gathering expanding crude oil transportation system

Oct. 21, 2019
DJ South Gathering expanded its crude oil gathering and transportation system in DJ Basin in Colorado.

DJ South Gathering (DJS), a subsidiary of ARB Midstream, recently expanded its fast-growing crude oil gathering and transportation system in DJ Basin in northeastern Colorado.

The Badger Pipeline, one of three large-diameter transmission lines currently being constructed by DJS, started receiving crude oil in October. With a throughput of 90,000 barrels per day, Badger transports production from southwestern Weld County and delivers into 300,000 barrels of dedicated crude oil storage at Platteville, DJS said.

Badger is one segment within the larger DJS system, which also includes the 220,000 b/d Matador pipeline, Bennet Station, the 150,000 b/d bi-directional Freedom pipeline and the Platteville Storage and Distribution network.

Matador is slated to be in service in late 2019. This large transmission line is the first and only line that links Platteville to the southern region of the DJ, the company said.

Bennett Station provides truck and gathered barrel origination into Matador, and crude qualities are segregated into onsite tankage. Freedom pipeline is the bi-directional transmission line that will link Platteville to Lucerne West, which is the delivery point of ARB’s existing Platte River Gathering System in the northern DJ.

At Platteville, DJS says it is developing a header system that interconnects with multiple long-haul takeaway pipelines and delivers crude oil to downstream markets.