Bulktransporter 7584 Buckeye Bahamas Hub
Bulktransporter 7584 Buckeye Bahamas Hub
Bulktransporter 7584 Buckeye Bahamas Hub
Bulktransporter 7584 Buckeye Bahamas Hub
Bulktransporter 7584 Buckeye Bahamas Hub

Buckeye Bahamas Hub resumes full operations after Dorian

Oct. 2, 2019
Buckeye Bahamas Hub has resumed operations following completion of repairs after Hurricane Dorian.

Buckeye Partners says it has resumed full operations at its Buckeye Bahamas Hub (BBH) following completion of inspections and necessary repairs of impacts from Hurricane Dorian.

Completed assessments of the facility identified only minor damage from wind and rain, and no indications of any product release or environmental threats, according to the company.

“On behalf of the entire company, I want to thank the Buckeye emergency response teams and all of our employees in The Bahamas for their dedicated work to safely restore operations at our Buckeye Bahamas Hub,” said Khalid A Muslih, executive vice president, and president of Buckeye’s Global Marine Terminals.

Buckeye also announced a financial contribution to the Bahamas National Emergency Management Administration (NEMA) and the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Fund (GBDRF) to assist with relief and recovery efforts from the storm’s devastating impacts to the island’s residents and businesses. In addition, Buckeye says donations were made by it and its employees to the Buckeye Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization that exists to provide hardship relief to our employees and their families in the aftermath of natural disasters.

BBH is a long-standing partner to the Grand Bahama Island and Freeport communities, and supporting its employees, their families and neighbors, as well as the government’s relief agencies, is a top priority for Buckeye, the company said. Buckeye made similar contributions when Hurricane Matthew struck Grand Bahama Island and Freeport in 2016.

“Buckeye wants to do our part to support the process of recovering from the unprecedented devastation of Hurricane Dorian,” Muslih said. “We have communicated our commitment to assist with the effort to the government of The Bahamas and will continue working closely with the government and the community through the rebuilding effort.”

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