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Smart-Hose system offers protection

Accidents do happen. A hose gets damaged, or a coupling blows off, or a truck pulls away before disconnecting the hose. A few seconds can make all the difference between a minor mishap and a major spill that can endanger personnel, cause product and property loss, and require expensive clean-up.

Smart-Hose Technologies has an alternative that offers real protection: the Smart-Hose engineered and patented safety hose assembly. Valves are integrated into each end fitting, and a coated cable is inserted into the hose bore and attached to each valve. The cable applies pressure against each valve in order to maintain an open position during normal operating conditions. However, if pressure from the cable is eliminated due to a catastrophic hose failure, the valves are instantly released and stop the flow in both directions. The Smart-Hose system is a passive device and requires no human intervention to activate.

The Department of Transportation has issued special permits for a more relaxed attendance for unloading of tanker trucks and railcars when using the Smart-Hose system. This can save a facility time and money.

For any hose or application, Smart-Hose Technologies says it can make the transfer operation safer. Contact Dean Theodos at 215-730-9000 ext 101, or visit for further information.

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