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Single Wheel Drive conveyor mobility option provides more onsite flexibility

Superior Industries introduces its new Single Wheel Drive conveyor mobility option. When applied with a portable radial stacking conveyor, operations realize an economical system to increased onsite and transfer point mobility.

Ideally suited to applications where portable conveyors operate in conjunction with a mobile crusher, the Single Wheel Drive option allows greater flexibility for the mobile in-pit operator or for the site-to-site contract crusher. Additionally, the Single Wheel Drive option can also deliver affordable mobility for bin or bunker loading operations, and for smaller rail or barge loading facilities. No matter what the application, this cost-effective conveyor mobility option reduces the need for haul trucks and loaders and additional material handling.

Engineered for quick onsite conveyor relocation and repositioning, the Single Wheel Drive is designed for radial travel at the base of the conveyor. Operated manually or via an optional wireless remote system, the unit is easily steerable due to its hydraulic planetary wheel drive for optimal rotational power. For transport, the Single Wheel Drive hydraulically lifts for storage under the conveyor.

Other conveyor mobility options from Superior include the Mobile Pivot Base and Radial Travel Track options for the TeleStacker conveyor.

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