SAF CBX69 tridem slider suspension debuts

SAF-Holland has announced the availability of SAF CBX69 tridem slider suspension systems for trailer applications.

The SAF CBX69 sets a new standard for lightweight tridem suspension slider axle systems. The CBX69 delivers the features and benefits of the proven CBX40 in a triple-axle configuration. The lightweight CBX air suspension design and proven slider box technology brings superior durability with best-in-class weight savings. Additionally, the slider box design provides an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio for increased cargo.

This system features the SAF X-Series 5.75"-diameter axle with a lightweight yet robust 11-mm wall axle that allows for higher duty cycle applications. Spec’ing the system with optional SAF Integral disc brake technology shortens stopping distances. Tridems also provide the versatility to move freight across international, provincial, and state borders while maintaining compliance with bridge/weight regulations and Canadian SPIF “infrastructure-friendly’ regulations.

The system is standard with Swing Align for quick axle alignment and Black Armour metal treatment for corrosion protection. Black Armour is eco-friendly and when compared with galvanization is less expensive and lighter weight.

Visit for complete details.

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