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New super single tire tackles severe duty

The G278 MSD super single tire replaces Goodyear's G178 Super Single and provides enhanced mileage, thanks to a one-inch larger footprint, deeper tread depth, and special compounding. Available in 385, 425, and 445/65R sizes in 22.5, the G278 MSD is a versatile, all-position performer in on/off-highway applications, including construction, concrete, oil service, and logging.

The rugged criss-cross tread design enhances off-road traction, while it helps pump away water from the tread for enhanced grip. The tread design also offers a quiet ride, while the grooved angles with full-width interlocking groove protectors help keep stones from imbedding and drilling into the tread. Special compounding helps resist cuts, chips, and tears.

Dovetailing with tire strength is the G278 MSD's 30/32-inch tread depth for enhanced miles to removal.

“This, coupled with deep and wide circumferential grooves with more than 500 biting edges, helps provide all-season traction on wet, snowy and dry roads,” said Donn Kramer, Goodyear's director of marketing for commercial tires. “Plus, we have a 68-mph speed rating on these tires.”

Because the G278 MSD has a greater net footprint than other tires in its class, pressure distribution is maximized, which enhances even wear.

To help keep tire costs lower, the G278 MSD will come with matching retreads in three sizes.

“Our precure retreads will feature the same tread design as well as tread depth as the G278 MSD,” said Kramer. “The one-two punch in our retreading program is the tread and casing of the G278 MSD. Since the tire is constructed with a high tensile steel radial casing, featuring steel belts, the G278 MSD offers customers the potential for multiple retreads.”

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