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Neptune offers Hydraulic Series brochure

Neptune Chemical Pump Co provides solutions for a variety of applications that require accuracy, precision, and quality. In its new Hydraulic Series brochure, Neptune offers a closer look at these solutions, in particular its 500, 600, and 6000 Series hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps. To download a PDF copy of the new brochure, go to

The new brochure provides tips for sizing and selecting metering pumps, in addition to highlighting the operational advantages of Neptune hydraulic metering pumps. These advantages include:

•Variable oil bypass—stroke adjustment allows better valve performance than variable linkage designs.

•CE MARK-IEC motors—all Hydraulic Series pumps are CE-compliant and bear the CE label when coupled to a CE-marked motor.

•Electric stroke control—automatically controls the flow rate of any Hydraulic Series pump by changing the stroke length either manually or through the use of a process instrument (4-20 millamps or 1-5 volts).

•Double diaphragm with leak detection—for use in applications where contamination of the process fluid by the pump’s hydraulic fluid cannot be tolerated.

•Sodium hypochlorite gas bleed—this is a special head that has been designed with an automatic air-release valve that allows the venting of accumulated gas produced by chemicals that off-gas, such as sodium hypochlorite.

•Variable-speed control—the flow rate of any Hydraulic Series pump can be controlled automatically by a process instrument using a variable-speed drive that changes the pump’s stroke speed.

For more information, visit Neptune is an operating company within Pump Solutions Group (PSG). For more details on PSG, go to

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