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Meridian offers five ways to leverage cash and profit

Fierce competition, shrinking margins, and a down economy have many businesses wondering if they'll be able to make it through these uncertain times. Unfortunately, the “wait and see” strategy that many are employing will make them most vulnerable. Now is not a very good time to fall behind.

Betsi Bixby, Meridian Associates Inc president, has this to say: “We are seeing our clients find hidden cash and increase profits even as the economy remains anemic and competition continues to heat up. The companies that are constantly staying ahead of the curve and investing in their teams are the ones you'll see thriving.”

In December 2009, Meridian will be offering five specialized programs to leverage credit, acquisitions (aspects of both buying and selling), sales management, sales training, and truck efficiency so owners and their staff can participate and benefit from the appropriate selection:

  • Sales Management Strategies (Dec 9) answers questions on finding top talent, compensation plans that work, and how to manage for effectiveness and growth even in a down economy. Details can be found at

  • Sales Bootcamp (Dec 10-11) will give sales forces the training they need to get more sales and less excuses. Find out how this proven sales system can boost sales immediately:

  • Focus on Acquisitions (Dec 7-8) is an event where owners and high-level staff get the “ins and outs” of how to structure an acquisition for maximum profitablility (useful for buyers and sellers). More information is available at

  • Focus on Credit (Dec 10?11) covers the ideal receivable strategy along with tactics (how to's) a staff can implement immediately to increase cash flow and decrease risk. Details can be found at

  • Focus on Truck Efficiency (Dec 10-11) covers what's working, truck tech — the good and bad, pricing and dispatch, captured data, and low stress integration. Additional information is at

For more information about these programs, contact Meridian at (800) 728-9005 or visit

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