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IMHA notes logistic changes in its industry

Like many of its sisters in the tank truck industry, milk haulers are experiencing changes in their market that are causing them to take a new look at their operation and the logistics that are required.

That was a continuing theme at the International Milk Haulers Association (IMHA) meeting April 20-22 in Phoenix AZ.

Milk haulers have historically loaded milk at dairy farms and transported the product to one or two nearby processor. Not anymore, the haulers said.

In a discussion with Bulk Transporter, Jim Koester of Indiana and Rick Barefoot of Pennsylvania noted that haulers are traveling further distances from their home base and serving more dairy processors than they have in the past.

That means that the companies are developing different efficiencies to meet the demand, including tank cleaning requirements, fuel management, and processor service.

Other issues the industry faces today that weren't evident in the past are those that arise from animal rights group protests and laws legislated by officials who are becoming further and further removed from agriculture experience, said Paul Rovey, president of the United Dairymen of Arizona. However, Rovey pointed out that the dairy industry has been resilient through the years and he anticipates it will continue to adjust to new events as they arise.

Complete coverage of the IMHA meeting will be presented in the September issue of Bulk Transporter.

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