Hydrite Chemical Co tanker Hydrite

Hydrite Chemical Co celebrating 90 years in business

Hydrite Chemical Co, an integrated manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals with a fleet of more than 255 units that includes tractors, van trailers and tankers, is celebrating its 90th anniversary in February.

Hydrite started as a supplier to the tanning industry on Feb. 6, 1929, in Milwaukee WI, which was a hotspot for tanneries, one of which was supplying the leather harnesses used by the US Armed Services. When the Great Depression hit, the previous owners of Hydrite were looking to sell the company. Seeing an opportunity, Wayne Thompson and Richard Honkamp left their jobs in 1935 and purchased a majority share in Hydrite.

Without the risk that Wayne Thompson and Richard Honkamp took, Hydrite would not be the company it is today. The evolution from chemical distributor to chemical producer was a major turning point for the success of the company and allows Hydrite to continue to expand its business. Today, Hydrite is one of North America’s largest independent distributors and manufacturers of specialty and industrial chemicals.

The company says it’s looking forward to celebratory events throughout the year, and is “especially excited” about the release of a new company video, which is a continuation of Richard Honkamp’s book, “Success Has Been Fun,” and highlights the history of the company.

“Thanks to everyone who has made the past 90 years so successful,” said Paul Honkamp, chief executive officer. “We would especially like to thank all our employees, customers and suppliers who play such a crucial role in the success of the company and allowed us to reach this milestone. We are looking forward to the years to come.”

To learn more, visit hydrite.com or call (262) 792-1450.

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