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Hutch 9700 offers multiple configurations

The Hutch 9700 Series of trailer spring suspension systems can be assembled in single-, tandem-, or multi-axle configurations, and mounting heights from 6" to 20"-plus are easily achieved. The 9700 Series offers axle spacings from 42" to 121" and easily adapts to round, square, or rectangular axles.

A variety of springs offers suspension capacities from 15,000 up to 25,000 lbs/axle, and all 9700 Series suspensions are available with either fabricated or cast steel spring hangers and rockers. These hangers come in a variety of styles designed to fit numerous mounting requirements. Whether a frame is tubular, I-beam, C-channel, or a G-rail, Hutchens has a spring hanger configuration to meet those needs. There is also a package specifically designed for tank trailer applications that uses cast rockers and cast torque arm eye-ends.

The line of 9700 Series suspensions features:

  • Hangers and rockers made from lightweight fabricated or cast steel

  • 1/2" wear pads in hangers and equalizers

  • Million Mile Rocker Bushing that virtually eliminates bushing fatigue and failure

  • Huck lock-bolt fastening system that is virtually maintenance-free

  • Wrapped fabricated torque arm eye-ends that prevent separation under extreme conditions

  • Lighter top plate that offers greater stability under U-bolt clamp loads

  • Improved spring seat design that efficiently transfers forces from the axle to the spring

  • Corrosion-resistant coated Never-Seez torque arm screws allow easy adjustment for suspension alignment

Visit, or call 800-654-8824 for more information.

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