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Horton Inc celebrates its 60th anniversary

Horton Inc, a provider of engine cooling systems worldwide, celebrates its 60th anniversary in September 2011.

From its beginnings with three employees and no machines in 1951, Horton now has an international presence and state-of-the-art technical centers for development and testing that include specialized test cells, a dynamometer with ram air provisions, a wind tunnel, and a cooling system simulator.

The company's history dates back to 1902. The original company, which got its start making wagon bodies, was liquidated before its rebirth in 1951. Then Hugh K Schilling and some investor associates purchased the remnants of the dismantled company: two unexpired patents on variable-speed clutch pulleys, and a list of unfilled orders for customers who hadn't heard from Horton in months.

Schilling and his associates hit paydirt in 1960 with Air Champ, an air-engaged clutch and brake. The Air Champ product line is still used in industrial applications. This product line and other motion control, power transmission, and web tension control components and products are now manufactured and marketed by Nexen Group Inc, which is owned and operated by Hugh Schilling Jr.

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