Hoffer offers cryogenic flow metering system for tanker truck applications

Hoffer Flow Controls introduces the Integrated Cryogenic Electronics (ICE) flow metering system for tanker truck applications. Designed with the operator in mind, ICE provides a user-friendly interface featuring a 4.3-inch, full-color LCD touch screen and easy-to-access panel-sealed push buttons. From this interface, the operator has direct access to all measurement and configuration parameters including four distinct modes of operation: delivery, maintenance, turbine calibration, and system configuration.

A numeric keypad on the touch screen allows easy entry of data parameters and password encryption by authorized personnel. ICE’s rugged aluminum enclosure is equipped with shock mounts but can be fitted with an optional articulated bracket. Its back panel is fitted with environmentally sealed, military-style electrical connectors for all standard and optional I/O connections.

ICE supports measurement of several pre-defined liquids: LIN, LOX, LAR, CO2 single pipe, CO2 dual pipe, LN2O, and LNG. It is certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

For more information, visit www.hofferflow.com.

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