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Highway Transport

Highway Transport, Rolling Strong boosting driver wellness

Highway Transport, which provides bulk transport of specialty chemicals, is using the newly enhanced gamification experience in the Rolling Strong platform to promote driver awareness of meeting wellness objectives and making better lifestyle choices.

Rolling Strong produces driver wellness programs for transportation companies, their drivers and owner-operators.

“Rolling Strong is enabling our drivers to take advantage of valuable health and wellness improvement tools,” said Jean Anne Dugger, director of human resources at Highway Transport. “Every driver we’ve spoken to says the mobile platform is very helpful. One driver told us recently that he already lost 15 pounds with the guidance of his Rolling Strong health coach.

“In our type of operation, drivers need special qualifications and a higher level of fitness to safely handle loads. The Rolling Strong mobile platform has many advantages, and a key part of its real value is in helping drivers make sure they are ready for their DOT physicals so they don’t wind up out of service.”

Since implementing the Rolling Strong health and wellness platform about one year ago, a growing number of Highway Transport’s 350 drivers have been using the mobile app, Dugger said. The company is promoting the mobile platform, which drivers access on smartphones, using emails and fleet wide text messages, by placing posters and other promotional materials at company service centers and during driver safety meetings.

Beginning this past summer, Highway Transport began using Rolling Strong’s gamification feature to boost enrollment. For signing up and registering on the app, drivers were entered to win an Amazon gift card or tablet computer. Currently, the carrier is planning more contests and will be customizing the latest updated version of the platform to reflect its operation, Rolling Strong says.

Highway Transport is based in Knoxville TN. The tanker fleet operates from 11 service centers in major chemical manufacturing areas across the US with a fleet of 350 tractors.

The Rolling Strong health and wellness platform boasts a redesigned user interface for a “more functional and better experience,” the company said, and the enhanced gamification experience is designed to promote health objectives and incentivize drivers to make better lifestyle choices. The platform offers a range of tools to help drivers manage weight, blood pressure and glucose. Users can engage with each other in the Rolling Strong social network to exchange ideas and share achievements, and can share information with the platform’s CDL-trained wellness coaches, and get mobile or live support.

The Rolling Strong platform also provides access to annual biometric screening sites across a nationwide network through partnerships and integrations with Wal-Mart, CVS, Kroger and Publix pharmacies, and HIGI health check kiosks. Additionally, drivers can access services from Rolling Strong partners, including GNC and PetSmart.

The platform is available for IOS and Android mobile devices and can be integrated with Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Samsung and other biometric collectors.

“Highway Transport is a great customer and partner that provided us with valuable feedback as we refined our platform,” said Stephen Kane, president of Rolling Strong. “It’s partners like Highway Transport that help us deliver the value and impact needed to demonstrate that taking part in health and wellness programs is highly appealing and effective.”


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