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Hendrickson will build suspensions for CNHTC-built trucks, debuts HUV

Hendrickson has entered a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Ltd, an affiliate of China National Heavy Duty Truck Company (CNHTC), China’s largest heavy-duty truck producer. Under this agreement, Hendrickson will design, develop, and manufacture suspension systems for heavy-duty trucks built by CNHTC or its affiliates.

Hendrickson established a production facility in Jinan, Shandong Province, China. The facility will initially manufacture and supply suspension systems necessary to support CNHTC. Operation began in the second quarter of 2010, with full production capability targeted for fourth quarter 2010.

Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems developed a new suspension, HUV, specifically for CHNTC and the Chinese transportation industry. HUV is a heavy-duty rubber suspension designed to provide durability and weight savings for increased payload. Through its design, the system offers premium ride quality in both empty and loaded conditions, with increasing stability as payload increases. Typically, a six-rod design suspension has been used in the Chinese market.

The HUV system was engineered with lightweight, durable components to achieve a weight savings of 430 kilograms versus competitive six-rod suspensions.

Although lightweight, the system has demonstrated durability through component and field testing. The 27-tonne-capacity HUV system was launched primarily in tractor applications and straight trucks with defined hauling capacities. Future versions of HUV will be developed for higher-capacity straight trucks and heavy-duty dumper applications.

In the rubber spring design, rubber shear springs carry a majority of the vertical load in the empty condition, resulting in a soft ride. As the load increases, the progressive rate springs deflect proportionally, increasing stiffness of the suspension without degradation in ride characteristics.

HUV’s balance of empty ride quality and loaded stability not only provides driver comfort, but also cushions the load and protects the chassis, cargo and body equipment from excessive vibration and road shock due to potholes and other road inconsistencies.

Developed using Hendrickson’s walking beam technology, HUV offers up to 445 mm of diagonal articulation for mobility and traction in demanding applications. The central pivot point helps isolate the driver and vehicle from uneven road conditions and distributes the load equally between axles.

HUV is a low-maintenance system, requiring no lubrication for minimal downtime.

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