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Hazard Perception Evaluation aids fleets

Compendium Software Systems LLC announces the availability of the state-of-the-art Hazard Perception Evaluation designed by AlertDriving to help fleet owners identify high-risk drivers, based on their ability to spot potentially dangerous situations that happen every day.

The Hazard Perception Evaluation is a predictive behavioral analysis tool that is proven to predict the behavior of each individual driver. It can identify a fleet's high-risk drivers and provide specific targeted training modules to correct individual deficiencies.

Each evaluation includes a series of simulations as well as multiple-choice questions pertaining to safe operation of a motor vehicle. The simulation section presents the driver with a view out the front windshield of a vehicle from the driver's seat, as well as rear-view and both side-view mirror perspectives. The assessment continuously evaluates a trainee's performance in six core areas, then assigns targeted training modules for each individual driver.

This system is proven to cut collisions by an average of 30%-40% and up to 63%, and historically provides a strong return on investment.

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