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Griswold helps limit pump downtime

A COMPREHENSIVE preventive and protective maintenance regime will work wonders for the life cycle of industrial pumps that are used in fluid-handling applications in liquid terminals. What a maintenance regime can't do — no matter how strict — is halt the ravages of time.

Simply put, any pump and its component parts, no matter the style or brand, will eventually reach the end of their useful life. Whenever that happens — usually, it seems, at the most inopportune time possible — the terminal operator has to be able to rely on his supplier to get a new pump, or the appropriate replacement parts, into his hands as quickly as time allows.

Recognizing the importance of supplying replacement equipment in a timely manner, Griswold Pump Company, Grand Terrace, CA, has established a worldwide network of stocking distributors that can ensure that emergency equipment needs are met with the utmost urgency without the facility operator incurring premium delivery or replacement charges. Since Griswold pumps and parts are also interchangeable with a wide variety of other pump manufacturer's models, it makes part replacement even easier and more efficient.

“There is nothing worse for a facility operator than that 2 am call saying that a pump has gone down and needs to be replaced,” says Bob Mattox, Operations Director at Griswold Pump Co. “With that in mind, quick turnaround is very important to us, and our worldwide distribution network allows us to meet the strict standards we have developed for timely delivery of replacement equipment and parts. This, we believe, offers increased peace of mind for facility operators and let's them know that we stand firmly behind them and our equipment.”

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