Girard powder coating option equals additional protection

With over 60 years in the industry of liquid transportation, Girard Equipment has found a niche for itself in the chemical distribution market offering 316 stainless steel pressure relief valves, vacuum breakers, and other parts that now have an additional option--black powder coating.

The additional protection the black powder coating provides these parts is outstanding. It is the essential barrier to help protect the stainless steel against the harshest, most corrosive chemicals in the market, according to Girard officials. This process is the last step of defense to ensure the integrity of the tank components Girard Equipment offers.

This specialized coating is applied after the parts are completed and cleaned by baking it on at extremely high temperatures to ensure complete adhesion. Based on this procedure, any valve or vent is able to be coated to guard against the most abrasive chemicals and is done on a cost per pound price; which makes it an affordable option in the security of one’s investment.

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