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Gamajet introduces High Impact Nozzles

Gamajet's new High Impact Nozzles give the Gamajet E-Z8 and IV automated tank cleaning machines an additional boost for longer trailers and tougher residues. Engineers extended the length of the standard nozzles and added sophisticated stream-straightening technology to significantly reduce the turbulence within the nozzle, creating a more focused and direct jet stream. As a result, the High Impact Nozzles provide an additional 40% more impact upon the interior of the tank than the standard nozzles.

High Impact Nozzles are easily interchangeable and made from the same heavy-duty stainless steel as Gamajet tank cleaning machines, allowing the user to replace standard Gamajet nozzles in less than a minute, without affecting the integrity and durability of the machine.

With the ability to increase impingement cleaning from a Gamajet in a matter of seconds, the tank cleaning process will become even more effective and efficient. One machine will now have the capabilities of two different machines, allowing the user to reach the far ends of tanks with the force needed to get them clean.

For more information, visit or call 1-877-GAMAJET.

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