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Encana Opens its first LNG Fueling Station in Louisiana

Encana Natural Gas Inc, a subsidiary of Encana Corporation, one of North America's largest natural gas producers, opened the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling station in Louisiana on February 24. Located at The Relay Station in Frierson, the station which will serve the fueling needs of heavy-duty truck fleets is open for public use (to those with a LNG vehicle and proper safety training) and will be accepting all major credit cards.

The station is currently being utilized by Heckmann Water Resources (HWR), an Encana partner in water sustainability in the natural gas industry. HWR recently ordered 200 new LNG big-rig trucks, 50 of which have been deployed to date. California-based Heckmann Corporation, parent company to HWR, provides water management services to Encana and other producers in the Haynesville resource play.

Encana also recently secured a contract with Pivotal LNG, a subsidiary of AGL Resources Inc, which owns and operates a major liquefaction facility. This contract enables Encana to provide LNG to consumers and will create further opportunities for natural gas in the transportation sector.

"We are very pleased to be part of an innovative Canadian and American solution to expand the use of LNG. This new station is a major step towards encouraging companies to convert vehicles to run on affordable, environmentally-responsible natural gas," said Eric Marsh, executive vice-president, Encana Corporation & senior vice-president, USA Division.

The LNG fueling station was constructed by GP Strategies Corp’s Alternative Fuels business unit. The station includes three 16,000-gallon LNG storage tanks and three LNG fuel dispensers and three card readers. It can fuel more than 100 trucks a day.

“This station is significant because it is the first LNG fueling station in the region intended for public use,” says Michael Mackey, vice-president of GP Strategies’ Alternative Fuels business unit. This station signals a growing trend for stations to be located outside the traditional California market. We believe this station will meet the near-term LNG vehicle fueling needs for the region.”

Encana works with supply chain partners and other external heavy-duty fleets by offering fueling solutions to help them better manage fuel usage and realize the cost savings of natural gas. Encana is quickly growing in its efforts to commercially develop natural gas for transportation. Additionally, Encana owns and operates four mobile LNG fueling stations (two in Louisiana) and six compressed natural gas (CNG) stations. In leading by example, Encana has converted nearly half of its fleet field vehicles in Louisiana operations to run on CNG. The company also retrofitted drilling rig engines to run on natural gas in US operations, four of which run on LNG. ♦

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