BTI Spin Flow system has built-in silencer

The new Bulk Tank Inc (BTI) Spin Flow system has a built-in silencer made in the air inlet casting of the unit that has resonating chambers to reduce blower noise, without restrictions that cause turbulence and generate heat buildup in the air flow.

The unit starts to spin the air as it enters the unit and directs it up the housing, utilizing the complete filter element smoothly and evenly with less back pressure and pressure drop, making elements last longer.

Filter elements are interchangeable with Sure Seal, Pneu Clean, and ZC units.

The spin flow assembly has fewer parts with single cam lever lid and fewer adjustments; the lid gasket is easily removable for cleaning. Seal tab holes are in the cam and lid for tamperproof operation.

As with all of its products, BTI unconditionally guarantees this filter system will outperform any similar products on the market. For more information, call 1-800-841-5524 (573-518-0600) or visit

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