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Bendix provides air management package

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC has developed an air management package that offers benefits to all engine types and OEMs.

The package, consisting of the Bendix PBS Air Injection Booster, Electronic Air Control (EAC) Dryer, and Turbo-Clutch Air Compressor, enhances vehicle performance, reduces fuel consumption, and improves emissions. The technology optimizes the performance of all engine types equipped with turbochargers, including those using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Advanced Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), and other technologies.

The PBS air injection technology is placed near the engine's air intake system. It communicates with the Controller Area Network (CAN) and injects precise amounts of air from an auxiliary tank directly into the engine air intake system. As a result, the turbocharger spins up to its full capacity and takes over the engine's air boosting demands.

PBS technology enables vehicles to virtually eliminate turbo lag. Preliminary results of internal validation and field tests show that fleets can save up to 3% per vehicle in fuel with the addition of the PBS unit alone. In addition, engines equipped with the PBS engine booster produce less diesel particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).

The EAC system is a compact, electronically controlled air treatment system that integrates the air dryer, unloader valve, multi-circuit protection valve, and optionally the park brake mechatronics. Its four primary functions are air quality assurance, pressure control, air distributions defined according to customer priorities, and information management. The sensors enable optimized system control, plus on-board/off-board diagnostics. EAC replaces the governor mechanism in the air brake system, using software algorithms to build up air in the most energy-efficient manner. A commercial vehicle equipped with EAC can realize up to 2% in fuel savings.

The pneumatically operated, single-cylinder Turbo-Clutch Air Compressor works in tandem with PBS air injection and EAC, so that the compressor disengages during the portion of the duty cycle when no air is demanded. This highly reduces power consumption from the engine and increases fuel efficiency.

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