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ATA's Moskowitz named chairman of Consumer Energy Alliance

American Trucking Associations' (ATA) Vice-President and Regulatory Affairs Counsel Rich Moskowitz was recently selected as first-ever Chairman of the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), an organization focused on showcasing the needs consumers and the overall economy have for a long-term US energy policy.

“I look forward to helping CEA lead the charge to enact a balanced energy policy that meets consumers' growing energy needs," Moskowitz says. "CEA's mission to improve domestic energy security and promote stable energy prices for consumers dovetails with the goals of the trucking industry and other energy consumers. When fuel prices rise, so do the prices of virtually all consumer goods, which move by truck."

The ATA supports increased access to America's huge, untapped offshore oil and natural gas resources, which are crucial to lessening the dependence on foreign oil and lowering fuel costs.

Moskowitz represents the trucking industry before the Department of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, and the courts on a wide variety of regulatory issues, and presently specializes in energy and fuel policy issues and hazardous materials transportation.

CEA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, comprised of 153 affiliate members, including energy consumers and producers, and hundreds of thousands of consumer advocates, supporting the thoughtful utilization of energy resources to help ensure improved domestic and global energy security, stable prices for consumers and balanced energy policy for America.

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