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Harnois Énergies inaugurates $3.9M rail spur

May 20, 2024
Two new access tracks at Saint-Thomas distribution center in Quebec enable company to load propane gas, other fuels into specialized tanks

Harnois Énergies (HÉ) recently inaugurated the rail spur at the Saint-Thomas distribution center in Quebec, Canada.

The rail spur’s two new access tracks make it possible for HÉ to now load propane gas into a specialized tank at its Saint-Thomas facilities. Thanks to these two new access tracks, other products such as aviation fuel and urea also are receivable directly at this location, the company reported.

This project was made possible through financial support from the Government of Québec as part of its Rail Transport Infrastructure and Modal Integration Support Program. Geneviève Guilbault, minister of transport and sustainable mobility, provided maximum funding of $1.89 million to help bring the project to fruition.

HÉ reported it invested $2 million in the $3.9 million new rail spur project.

“The realization of this project is the result of excellent teamwork between our teams and external partners,” Serge Harnois, HÉ president and CEO, said in a news release. “HÉ is looking toward the future and is taking action to reduce its environmental footprint and, therefore, ensure the company’s sustainability.”

HÉ, founded in 1958, distributes petroleum products, propane, lubricants, and specialty products across Canada.

The new infrastructure comes with “numerous” benefits, the company said.

In the past, HÉ had to ship propane by truck from a supply site to its tank in Saint-Thomas. Now, with direct access and the ability to transfer product in the head office’s rear yard, the equivalent of 240 trucks will be removed from the road each year.

“In addition to the project’s environmental benefits, the logistical and efficiency aspects are also central to the added value of this investment,” the company stated.

“In the long term, this project will eliminate several steps, which will result in increased volume and better efficiency for HÉ. The new facilities were designed according to strict security standards that ensure optimal protection.”



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