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Transflo bundles ELDs, bypasses, more in one package

Aug. 29, 2019
Transflo, a mobile telematics provider, now offers the digital ecosystem called Transflo Bundle+.

Transflo, a mobile telematics provider to the transportation industry, now offers the digital ecosystem called Transflo Bundle+.

This suite of features is designed to help truck fleets and drivers manage efficiency and compliance directly from their mobile devices, the company said.

The Transflo Bundle+ extends the capabilities of the its mobile platform, Transflo Mobile+, to include ELD compliance, weigh station bypass, fleet navigation and unlimited scanning.

“Fully integrating these features with Transflo Mobile+ and offering them in one package deepens our commitment to helping users stay connected and manage their business with powerful telematics, mobile devices and cloud-based applications,” said Don Mitchell, Transflo’s marketing director.

The Transflo Bundle+ includes several features that take advantage of Transflo’s T-Series telematics and GPS-based vehicle tracking device from Geotab to help improve fleet and driver compliance:

  • Electronic logs: The Transflo T-Series ELD is connected to the vehicle and Transflo Mobile+ on the driver’s mobile device. Drivers can access everything they need to stay productive and in compliance with HOS rules on one app, including electronic records-of-duty status, notification of remaining drive time and real-time communications with dispatch.
  • Weigh station bypass: The Transflo Bundle+ includes Drivewyze, North America’s largest weigh station bypass service, which helps fleets and drivers save time and money by providing bypasses at more than 750 sites in 44 states and provinces. Drivewyze is integrated with the Transflo Mobile+ app and requires no special transponder or hardware.
  • Fleet navigation: With CoPilot Truck navigation integrated into Transflo Mobile, drivers can simply connect with Transflo’s navigation system from the main menu. Fleets and drivers can see savings by reducing out-of-route miles and avoiding fines with truck-legal routing. The new integration also helps steer drivers away from low bridges and truck-restricted roads with the help of PC*MILER’s routing technology.
  • Vehicle inspections: Transflo’s electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) let drivers complete and submit pre- and post-trip inspections from their mobile device running Transflo Mobile+, which helps save time and reduce the risk of paperwork errors.

Transflo’s Bundle+ plan includes no upfront hardware costs for fleets of 26 trucks or more, and lifetime upgrades and warranty on ELD hardware, the company said. Visit for more information.