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Stay Metrics offering free Driver Appreciation Week ideas

Aug. 19, 2019
Stay Metrics is offering a free compilation of ideas for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Stay Metrics, a provider of driver retention tools for motor carriers, is offering a free compilation of ideas for fleets to make the most of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

The publication is entitled “How to Celebrate Driver Appreciation Week” and is available on the Stay Metrics website.

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) created and promotes Driver Appreciation Week (DAW), which runs Sept 8-14, to express recognition and gratitude for drivers’ hard work during the week after Labor Day, though each carrier decides how it will celebrate and what it will do for drivers.

This Driver Appreciation Week strategy compilation contains creative and successful practices drawn from interviews with a wide variety of top fleet executives and managers. The strategies are organized into five categories: 

  • Compliments and notes of appreciation. Establishing a workflow to get all departments involved in expressing gratitude to drivers.
  • Driver family involvement. Sending direct communications to drivers’ family members and utilizing social media to boost engagement.
  • Events held during or around Driver Appreciation Week. Providing multiple opportunities for drivers to eat, win prizes and participate in fun and creative events to build camaraderie.
  • Driver gifts and giveaways. Choosing popular gift items and raffle prizes.
  • Wellness activities. Making drivers feel appreciated by providing health-related items and services that make them function and feel at their best.

Many approaches in the publication serve as a touchpoint for motor carriers to amplify existing programs and continue to build a culture of gratitude that will transform their workplaces for the better.

“We really like to keep the driver appreciation culture alive year-round,” said Jim Guthrie, director of operations at Prime Inc and a contributor to the publication. “While we definitely do all these things and some others during DAW, we also keep that at the forefront with everything we do all year.”

This DAW compilation follows a recent report by Stay Metrics that identifies the Top 20 Opportunities for Carriers to improve retention success based on the new Stay Index. The report found a high level of dissatisfaction among drivers for compensation in relation to the amount of work they perform. Seven of the top 10 issues drivers have with carriers are trust-related, Stay Metrics said.

“Drivers chronically feel under-recognized and under-rewarded,” said Tim Hindes, chief executive officer of Stay Metrics. “We believe DAW can be a valuable tool for carriers to increase driver trust, build a positive work culture, and correct the longstanding feeling of under-appreciation.”

To download the new compilation of Driver Appreciation Week practices at no cost, visit