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Drivewyze installs, activates new WIM systems in Missouri

May 9, 2018
Drivewyze installs, activates new WIM systems in Missouri

Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass is once again available in Missouri starting with the eastbound and westbound weigh stations at Joplin on Interstate 44. Activation of the weigh station bypass service began following the installation and calibration of new weigh-in-motion sensors embedded in the roadway.

Drivers with the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service on their Drivewyze-enabled smartphones, tablets, and electronic logging devices receive bypass opportunities at the two weigh stations, which are located 2 1⁄2 miles east of the Missouri-Oklahoma state line, between Joplin and Tulsa OK.

Drivewyze has received construction permit approvals and is proceeding with installation of additional sites over the next few months as it continues to fulfill its commitments to its agency partners and its customers to provide services in the Show Me state.

Activation of Drivewyze at the Joplin weigh stations marks the return of Drivewyze following the resolution of third-party controversies exposed in a recently published Missouri Auditor’s investigative report: https://www.auditor.mo.gov/content/auditor-galloway-details-significant-conflicts-interest-review-how-state-officials

“With many carriers operating trucks in Missouri, we see re-activation of our weigh station bypass service in the state as key to our customers’ success,” said Brian Heath, president and chief executive officer of Drivewyze. “The investment we are making in this state demonstrates our commitment to providing weigh station bypass opportunities to safe drivers and their carriers once again in Missouri, starting with the two weigh stations in Joplin.

“We chose to start with the Joplin weigh stations because they experience among the highest truck traffic volume of all the weigh stations in the state. A significant amount of regional intermodal freight moves to and from the four intermodal facilities in Kansas City, about 150 miles north of Joplin. Plus, with 181 trucking companies calling Joplin home, I-44 is one of two major routes connecting the Joplin region.

Drivewyze continues to extend its lead with the nation’s largest bypass service network. With the return of service in Missouri, Drivewyze offers weigh station bypass at more than 700 sites in 43 states and provinces.