Promo image for Zonar's infographic on 10 most dangerous roads 2017

Zonar infographic highlights Top 10 most dangerous roads for truck drivers during the holidays

Nov. 15, 2017
View an infographic created by Zonar of US DOT stats on dangerous roads in the US from 2013-2016

Just ahead of the holiday driving rush Zonar, a leader in smart fleet management technology, shared the top 10 most dangerous roads in the United States for truck drivers. On average during the holiday season, there are approximately 36% more vehicles on the road.

With higher traffic, changing weather conditions and decreased sunlight due to Daylight Savings ending, truck drivers and anyone planning to get on the road this winter are at even more risk of getting into an accident.

According to the US Department of Transportation, the top ten most dangerous roads for truck drivers based on total accident volume between 2013-2016 are:

  • I-10 Alabama
  • I-95 Florida
  • I-75 Idaho
  • I-40 Arkansas
  • US-1 Florida
  • I-20 Michigan
  • I-80 Colorado
  • I-5 Colorado
  • I-70 Maryland
  • I-35 South Carolina

Additional findings include:

• The increased volume of drivers on the road during the holidays are comprised of private passenger cars (23%), delivery fleets (10%), and people-carrier traffic such as rented busses and shuttles (3%).

• More than half the trucks involved in accidents were found to have at least one vehicle defect; 30% of these were found to be directly caused by equipment failure including brake, tire, light and transmission failure as well as vehicle overload.

• Adverse weather caused 14.7% of accidents, with rain as the most common cause (72.6%) as well as fog (12.5%) and snow (10.12%).