Yokohama goes low with new Zenvironment tire line

May 1, 2011
YOKOHAMA Tire displayed its low rolling resistance Zenvironment line, which includes the 703ZL, 103ZR, 501ZA, and a new premium long-haul steer tire,

YOKOHAMA Tire displayed its low rolling resistance Zenvironment line, which includes the 703ZL, 103ZR, 501ZA, and a new premium long-haul steer tire, the 101ZL.

“Low rolling resistance tires are good for the environment because they improve fuel efficiency by minimizing the energy wasted (as heat) as the tire rolls down the road,” said Rick Phillips, Yokohama's director of commercial sales. “Studies show that Yokohama's low rolling resistance tires can improve fuel economy from 3% to 5% in over the road applications.

“We're building products for the future that will use less energy, cost less to operate, provide a longer lifecycle and reduce costs to the trucking company.”

The 101ZL, along with the 703ZL and 103ZR are also on the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay list of verified technologies for tires. Yokohama now has seven tires that are recognized as SmartWay “low rolling resistance tires.”

Phillips said the manufacturing process is more efficient and provides a more retreadable casing that produces lower rolling resistance.

“For commercial truck owners, this means tires that last longer, perform better and use less fuel, thus saving them money,” he said.

Brief highlights of the Zenvironment line include:

  • 101ZL: “It runs longer, and is more trouble-free and efficient than anything we've ever brought to the market,” said Phillips. “It provides at least a 10% increase in overall tread life and significant resistance to irregular wear.” The 101ZL is available in four sizes (295/75R22.5, 11R22.5, 11R24.5 and 285/75R24.5).
  • 703ZL: A high-tech, ultra-long drive mileage tire, which features the deepest tread in the industry — one full inch — with the lowest rolling resistance in its category. It also has a solid closed shoulder that provides even wear, which translates to more road miles.
  • 103ZR: Offers a compound, tread design and casing construction that delivers longer treadwear and low rolling resistance. It also features rockejector platforms that keep stones and debris out of the grooves to enhance durability. The 103ZR, at 23/32, is the deepest SmartWay verified tire.
  • 501ZA: Like the 103ZR, the 501ZA uses a revolutionary compound and innovative casing design to contribute to extended mileage and greater chip resistance for on-and-off highway applications. Phillips said the casing innovations actually predict changes in tire shape that occur in early stages of wear. The result is increased durability due to stabilized performance over the wear of the tire.

Yokohama also spotlighted two new tires at MATS: the RY407 single trailer wide base trailer tire and the prototype 702 drive tire.

According to Phillips, a preview version of the RY407 was on display last year at MATS. “Now it's in production and available in limited quantity. It's also just been named a SmartWay tire by the EPA.”

The RY407 super single, size 445/50R22.5, offers excellent fuel efficiency as well as a weight savings potential for fleets, said Phillips. “There's less weight because there's one tire and wheel assembly instead of two. And because of its unique design and construction we expect the RY407 to be a very durable and retreadable product.”

Yokohama also launched a new website based on the company's loyalty program, the Yokohama ADVANTAGE Associate Dealer Program. The ADVANTAGE Online website monitors program earnings for consumer and commercial associate dealers including cash rewards, travel incentives and full marketing support from showroom displays to outdoor signage. ♦