JJ Keller looks back on 60 years of guiding truck fleets in compliance, safety, and best practices

Jan. 16, 2013
In 2013, the “Diamond K” logo of J J Keller & Associates Inc will take on new meaning as the company begins a year-long celebration of its 60th “Diamond” Anniversary

In 2013, the “Diamond K” logo of J J Keller & Associates Inc will take on new meaning as the company begins a year-long celebration of its 60th “Diamond” Anniversary (officially November 1, 2013).

John “Jack” Keller established the company in downtown Neenah WI in 1953, as a one-man regulatory consulting, warehousing and insurance underwriting operation. As government regulations evolved and new compliance challenges materialized, the company kept pace with new product and service offerings, building a solid reputation for providing companies in a variety of industries with solutions that help them manage safety and regulatory compliance.

“Over the years, we have seen markets develop and grow, and we’ve adapted accordingly,” says Robert Keller, chairman of J J Keller. “We believe we have contributed positively to that growth and development by helping companies meet their safety and compliance goals and by supplying the industries we serve with cutting edge products and services that, as a whole, are unsurpassed by any other provider.”

The company prides itself in staying on top of new regulations and industry needs, and offers over 5,500 products and services for the transport, manufacturing, hazardous materials, human resources, construction, food, and government markets. At the core of the company’s success is a strong commitment to providing outstanding customer service and quality resources. J J Keller's subject matter experts research and write content, answer questions, and speak on subjects covering 1,500 topics.

Along with growing the company, Jack and his wife Ethel Keller made it their personal mission to give back to the community. In 1990, Jack established the J J Keller Foundation in honor of Ethel’s 70th birthday. This private, independent family foundation provides charitable funding to many worthwhile organizations, especially those addressing the causes and consequences of poverty in the neighboring communities. To date, gifts and commitments from the Foundation and funding programs have totaled more than $35 million.

In addition to its community commitment, J J Keller has demonstrated a commitment to the environment by achieving ISO 14001 certification, a standard aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of a business and decreasing pollution and waste.

Today, J J Keller remains a privately owned business. It ranks as one of the largest employers in Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley, employing over 1,200 associates and serving over 350,000 customers, including more than 90% of the Fortune 1000. While most associates work at the company’s four locations in Neenah and Appleton, a number of associates are located throughout the United States to provide personalized service to customers.

Celebration of the 60th anniversary will continue throughout 2013 with events and a J J Keller history book supplement highlighting the company’s changes and growth over the past 10 years. The company has also developed an online photo album that chronicles its history. It can be viewed at www.jjkeller.com/60years