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Trimac names undergrad scholarship recipient

Feb. 7, 2024
Idress Noorudin, who is majoring in supply chain management at the University of Calgary, secures tank truck carrier’s 2024 award

Idrees Noorudin, a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in supply chain management, recently secured the 2024 Trimac Transportation undergraduate scholarship.

“This recognition reflects his remarkable academic performance, leadership potential, and passion for the transportation and supply chain industry,” Trimac said in a news release.

Noorudin joined the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business in 2020 with the goal of helping his father open his own business. Despite the diverse range of study options available, he chose to major in supply chain management because of his interest in the hands-on approach of transportation and the movement of goods.

In his scholarship application essay, Noorudin emphasized the importance of transportation and the global demand for supply chain management. His vision for the future aligns with industry trends and focuses on the advancement of sustainable business practices and the implementation of greener and fuel-efficient transportation and energy solutions, Trimac reported.

Looking ahead to post-graduation, Noorudin intends on exploring and gaining experience in various supply chain sectors before committing to a specific career path. As he nears the end of his academic journey, he aims to continuously learn about the industry to make well-informed decisions for his future.

“This scholarship is a testament to Noorudin’s academic and leadership abilities and will support him in achieving his future career goals,” the carrier concluded. “We congratulate Noorudin on this notable accomplishment.

“We look forward to witnessing his future success in the supply chain industry.”