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Report: Chalk Mountain boosts driver retention

Jan. 3, 2024
New white paper from Luma shows how the oilfield services provider and other trucking companies are satisfying drivers by promoting health and wellness in 2024

A new report from Luma Brighter Learning highlights how oilfield transportation provider Chalk Mountain Services and other trucking companies are improving driver retention by promoting health and wellness opportunities in 2024.

Chalk Mountain’s efforts include implementing preventative care programs, biometric screenings, smoking cessation plans, and cash incentives for health milestones, according to a news release from Luma, a transportation learning and instructional design company headquartered in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

“Preventive care can not only bring potential savings, but it can also potentially lead to increased productivity by reducing absenteeism and having an overall healthier and happier workforce,” Jill Laughlin, Chalk Mountain vice president for human resources, said in the release.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the trucking industry lost 6% of its pre-pandemic workforce during the pandemic—about 91,000 workers—and carriers still feel the strain in hiring and retaining drivers, Luma added. The company’s new report, “The Link Between Wellness and Retention: Luma’s Framework for Building an Employee Health and Wellness Program,” provides insights and a framework for building holistic wellness programs that support driver retention and improve safety performance.

“Drivers today want more than just physical fitness opportunities,” Luma CEO Dr. Gina Anderson said in the report.

“They are asking for resources that support their complete mental, emotional, and social health.”

Luma’s platform data indicates emotional intelligence, stress management, and relationship topics are the most popular among drivers. Out of 86 available “wellness eNuggets,” social-emotional lessons like Building Self-Confidence, Gratitude, and Staying Connected While on the Road rate highest for engagement.

The white paper guides carriers in designing wellness initiatives tailored to their resources. Recommendations include recruiting on-staff nurses, leveraging digital learning platforms, and partnering with health and wellness providers.

“At Luma, we’re committed to equipping the trucking community with engaging education,” Anderson maintained.

“We encourage all carriers to join us in making driver wellness a top priority in 2024.”

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