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Next Gen Trucking unveils new CDL curriculum

Oct. 11, 2023
‘First-of-its-kind’ companion resource designed to support high school commercial driver’s license programs nationwide

The Next Generation in Trucking (NGT) Foundation recently launched a “first-of-its-kind” NGT Curriculum Companion to support high school Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) programs nationwide.

The Curriculum Companion, which is free to NGT members and sponsored schools, provides five parts of online modules aligned with ELDT standards, along with easy-to-use classroom activities, videos, handouts, and assessments for educators. The Curriculum Companion supports high school teachers in facilitating a yearlong CDL course and prepares high school students to successfully complete the CLP exam after they turn 18.

Dave Dein, co-founder of the Next Generation Trucking Foundation and teacher at the flagship high school CDL program in Patterson, CA, is enthusiastic about the new resources, saying

“Imagine how different our industry would look and feel if trucking was a first career choice for more people,” Dave Dein, co-founder of the Next Generation Trucking Foundation and teacher at the flagship high school CDL program in Patterson, California, said in a news release. “Ten years from now, we'll look back at this point back as this defining moment in the trucking industry when high schools took a proactive approach and provided the highest level of training for our students.”

Current and former students, like Teffany Dominguez, a current student in the CDL program, see “huge potential” in the truck industry. “I want to be a truck driver because it's a career with unlimited possibilities,” Dominguez said. “There’s so much freedom and opportunity in it, and I can't wait to meet the amazing community of truck drivers.”

Recent alumni are also finding great success. “Going into high school, I didn't even consider being a truck driver,” said Ricardo Jimenez, a program graduate and now a trucking company owner. “I thought it wasn’t a real career and that there was no passion or vision in it. However, after a friend convinced me to take the trucking course at Patterson High School, I not only developed a passion for trucking, but I also learned about the impact that truck drivers have around the world. The trucking program at Patterson High School changed my life, and it has changed the lives of many other students who have enrolled in the course.

“I believe that with more programs like this across the country, we can inspire more young students to find their passion in trucking.”

Developed with Education Development Center (EDC) and funded through a grant from Knorr-Bremse Global Care North America (KCBNA) and the PepsiCo Foundation, the new online resource is designed to be used in conjunction with online ELDT courses for adult learners, while adapting materials for high school students and providing supportive hands-on activities. The course materials equip students to have long, healthy careers with the incorporation of SafeWork Training: Powered with Worklete (injury prevention) and The Supply Chain Fitness Company (health and nutrition) and supporting healthy driving practices for the next generation of truck drivers.  The course includes lab hours with driver simulation training and golf cart backing skills.  It also features field trips, guest speakers, and industry engagement opportunities. 

For more information about the Next Generation in Trucking Foundation, the new resource, or to inquire about CDL programming at your local high school, contact Lindsey Trent or Dave Dein at [email protected].