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GTA Fuels acquires Sipco assets

Sept. 26, 2023
Canadian on-site diesel refueler expands services in Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas through ‘milestone’ addition

GTA Fuels recently acquired the assets of Sipco Diesel.

The move represents a “significant” milestone for GTA, a Canadian on-site refueler, solidifying its presence as a diesel supplier in Toronto.

“This transaction empowers GTA Fuels to execute its mission statement of enhancing innovation and reliability of on-site diesel delivery in the GTHA [Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area] to meet the critical energy needs of its customers,” the company reported in a news release. “GTA Fuels will leverage its expertise to seamlessly integrate the assets of Sipco Diesel to ensure a smooth transition for all customers.”

Acuity Capital Partners (ACP), a financial advisory firm with a track record of facilitating successful mergers and acquisitions, served as GTA’s financial advisor. ACP specializes in helping companies identify, negotiate, and execute strategic transactions.

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