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Alaska West supports Port of Anchorage expansion

July 21, 2023
Lynden-owned tank truck carrier expects to deliver 15,000 tons of powdered cement during a busy two-month period this summer

Alaska West Express, a Lynden tank truck company, is hauling bulk powdered cement in support of the Port of Anchorage expansion. The carrier expects to deliver 15,000 tons of powdered cement from ABI Cement to the Condon Johnson construction company during a busy two-month period.

Their efforts will provide the materials for Phase I on the expansion project, Alaska West said.

Each Alaska West dry bulk tanker, including the one pictured here piloted by driver Jason Foit,  holds 27 tons of cement, and the four silos in the background hold 30 tons each.

“We also hauled three 145,000-lb. drill rigs with Alaska Marine Lines and trucked them to the Port of Alaska for Condon Johnson,” Simon Ross, an Alaska West dispatcher, explained in a news release. “We started hauling on May 15 and will be in production daily through Aug. 1—transporting 200 tons a day.”