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U.S. Oil, U.S Gain combine to form vertically integrated fuel distributor

June 20, 2023
Newly created U.S. Energy boasts more than 30 refined product terminals, 40 renewable natural gas development projects, and 50 alternative fuel stations

U.S. Oil and U.S. Gain recently combined to form U.S. Energy, a vertically integrated energy solutions provider specializing in refined products, alternative fuels, and environmental credits.

U.S. Energy, a family-owned U.S. Venture company, has an asset portfolio of more than 30 refined product terminals, 40 renewable natural gas development projects, 50 alternative fuel stations, and three forestry projects. The company offers diesel, gasoline, natural gas liquids, ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, compressed natural gas, renewable natural gas, electric charging solutions, hydrogen, and a variety of carbon credits.

U.S. Oil most recently was led by Eric Kessenich, who joined the company in 2010 and was promoted to president in 2017. Kessenich was further promoted to chief operating officer of U.S. Venture in August 2022. As COO, Kessenich will oversee the operations of all U.S. Venture companies, including U.S. Energy, U.S. AutoForce, U.S. Lubricants, Breakthrough, and IGEN.

“This reunion is an important milestone for our company,” Kessenich said in a news release. “While our roots remain in the refined products side of our business, we recognize the need to offer a more diverse range of solutions under one brand as our customers’ needs evolve—ultimately becoming an energy-agnostic solutions provider.

“With U.S. Oil’s tenure in refined products and U.S. Gain’s expertise in renewables, we knew we had an opportunity to service our customers with a more comprehensive offering and a streamlined experience.”

Mike Koel was selected to lead U.S. Energy as its president, the company sid. Koel has been with U.S. Venture for over 20 years—working within U.S. Oil as a trader, vice president of supply and trading, and vice president of business development. In May 2017, Koel was named president of U.S. Gain: a Sustainable Energy Solutions company he founded within U.S. Oil in 2011. In his new role as president of U.S. Energy, Koel will be responsible for the company’s growth and expansion into new markets and technologies.

“I’m honored to lead the U.S. Energy team in this next chapter as a company, and I’m excited to share we’ve already discovered synergies and opportunities to improve our customer experience,” Koel said. “Our vertical integration throughout the energy supply chain enables access to an array of solutions at a competitive price. As an energy developer, distributor, and marketer, we can ensure our customers are aware of risks and opportunities within the industry and benefit from our development of new technologies that integrate with our service offerings.”

Added John Schmidt, president and CEO at U.S. Venture: “The U.S. Oil brand dates back to our inception as a business. Formerly known as Schmidt Brothers Oil Company, my father and uncle founded this company in 1951 on our customer promise of finding a better way. As market needs have shifted, so have our solutions—giving way to new portfolio offerings and additional business units.

“The U.S. Energy brand continues that legacy—putting our customers first alongside their unique energy needs.”

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