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BulkLoads adds Reroute feature to TMS

June 16, 2023
New BulkLoads+ option allows users to adapt to route changes in real time, eliminating the need for time-consuming communication

BulkLoads recently launched a new Reroute feature that is designed to streamline and simplify bulk freight logistics.

Reroute, which is housed in the BulkLoads+ transportation management system (formerly known as BulkTMS), empowers users with the ability to adapt to real-time changes in routes, eliminating the need for time-consuming communication processes, the company said.

“Having made the transition from truck driver to logistics coordinator, I’ve gained firsthand knowledge that trucks are rerouted more frequently than one might expect,” Jared Flinn, CEO and co-founder of BulkLoads, said in a news release. “Reroute streamlines the process, eliminating the need to delete and reenter load information.

“This ensures that all parties involved, from the truck driver to the end user, stay consistently updated and promptly alerted.”

In today’s fast-paced world, the bulk trucking industry faces numerous challenges regarding truck rerouting due to factors such as insect damage, facility breakdowns, and the completion of contracts ahead of schedule. These unforeseen circumstances often lead to the need for immediate adjustments in destination routes, causing disruptions in operations and communication breakdowns between drivers and dispatchers.

The new Reroute feature addresses these challenges head-on. Unlike traditional transportation management systems, Reroute was built to handle bulk freight, recognizing the unique demands and complexities it entails, BulkLoads said. Reroute ensures efficient communication and seamless route adjustments, transforming a time-consuming process into a few clicks.

The functionality of Reroute is user-friendly. BulkLoads+ users can easily navigate to the specific load that requires rerouting and with a few clicks, specify the number of loads to be rerouted and their new destinations. The system then automatically updates all pertinent information and immediately notifies the driver of the revised load details, eliminating extensive manual communication.

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