From left to right are Rhonda Leason, Trimac vice president of people and culture, scholarship recipient Joseph Vanbeselaere, and Matt Faure, Trimac president and CEO.

Trimac awards undergraduate scholarship

May 24, 2023
Joseph Vanbeselaere, a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Supply Chain Management, claims Trimac’s 2023 scholarship award

Trimac Transportation recently awarded a scholarship to Joseph Vanbeselaere, a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Supply Chain Management. This scholarship recognizes Vanbeselaere’s outstanding academic achievements, leadership potential, and passion for the supply chain industry, Trimac said.

Originally from Langdon, a small town east of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Joseph moved to Calgary to pursue his education. His interest in the supply chain industry was sparked by the news cycle during the pandemic, where he saw the impact of product shortages and missing materials. He realized that the industry has tremendous potential for growth and innovation, and he had ideas that could contribute to its development.

In his scholarship application essay, Vanbeselaere shared his experiences and insights on leadership in the industry. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and inclusivity, acknowledging the diverse cultures, values, and perspectives of the people involved in the supply chain. He believes that a collaborative mindset can foster innovation and create positive change in the industry.

Vanbeselaere’s vision for the future of the supply chain industry aligns with the industry’s current trend of addressing environmental concerns. He sees the carbon-neutral movement as the biggest change in the industry in the next five years. He anticipates that the best in the industry will leverage innovative technologies to optimize transportation and reduce environmental impact.

“Because transport vehicles create so many environmental issues, the push for creating innovative technologies and optimizing how things are transported is only going to get stronger,” Vanbeselaere said in a news release. “I believe that the best in the industry will find ways to utilize new technologies to create positive change in the industry.”