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U.S. Container Depot upgrades Georgia location

Feb. 20, 2023
ISO tank services company to transition to new 10-acre Savannah site with space to store 2,750 containers, along with maintenance, repair, and cleaning services

U.S. Container Depot is on the move in Savannah, Georgia.

The container services company last year purchased two smaller properties down the road from its original 5-acre location on Sonny Perdue Drive, with the intention of spreading out its operations across the three sites.

Now it’s instead aiming to consolidate all its Savannah ISO tank operations at one 10-acre location.

“[Last year], we added two additional properties totaling 5 acres, with our original property of 4 acres,” Kevin Jackson, president of U.S. Container and Liquid Cargo, told Bulk Transporter. “This gave us three properties spread out, with a total of 9 acres of space.

“We have scrapped that plan entirely. We now have a single site on 10 acres that will allow us to have two separate structures. One structure will be our maintenance, repair, and office space. The other building will be a tank wash with four bays dedicated to ISO tank cleaning, along with steaming capabilities.”

U.S. Container began transitioning to the larger property in January, the company said.

The new site will have space to store up to 2,750 tank containers, with specific gates for truck entry and exit, and space for two truck service lanes.

Construction of the two service buildings will take place throughout 2023. An indoor maintenance and repair facility will have the capability to test up to four tanks at a time, free from the elements, along with two separate bays for equipment and ISO tank repair. A permanent office for the Savannah teams will be attached.

The company expects to complete the transition to the new location this summer, with “only minor service interruptions.”

All aspects of the new location will be operational by the end of June 2024, the company said.

By the end of 2023, U.S. Container expects its Savannah and Jacksonville, Florida, depots to boast enough combined capacity for up to 3,250 containers being serviced by 50 drivers, with full services offered to customers for loaded and empty ISO tanks.

“This is a game changer for the Southeast market and specifically for Savannah,” U.S. Container told customers in a newsletter. “With the increase of tank containers in the world market there must be somewhere to store, clean, and service them, and U.S. Container Depot is pleased to be the solution for the Southeast.”

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