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Wisconsin issues emergency fuel-hauling waiver

Jan. 10, 2023
Gov. Tony Evers’ Jan. 6 declaration cites limited supplies of heating oil and propane, and challenging delivery conditions for drivers due to adverse weather affecting the state

Wisconsin on Jan. 6 waived the hours-of-service requirements for drivers transporting residential heating fuel, citing limited supplies and challenging delivery conditions due to adverse weather affecting the state.

The exemption from federal and state HOS restrictions is part of Executive Order No. 183, the energy emergency declaration signed by Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers. It will remain in effect “as long as drivers transporting residential heating fuel are providing assistance for the emergency or for a period of 30 days from the date of this order.”

Heating fuels covered by the declaration include heating oil and propane.

The governor said in the declaration multiple terminals across Wisconsin have limited supplies of product on-hand, resulting in long wait times and drivers traveling longer distances to obtain product, which makes it difficult for them to meet demand while also complying with state and federal HOS requirements.

The order does not suspend the operation of any state or federal laws within Wisconsin, except as specifically described within.

Click here to read the full emergency declaration.