Global Partners

Fuel supplier makes heating oil donation

Jan. 6, 2023
New England-based Global Partners contributes $2 million to help keep households in the Northeast warm this winter

Family-owned fuel supplier Global Partners recently donated $2 million to provide heating oil for those in need this winter. The donation was directed to seven Northeast states and distributed to local nonprofits serving low-income households.

Massachusetts and New York split $1.3 million evenly, the New England-based company said, and the additional $700,000 was divided between Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The donation is expected to provide heating fuel to warm an estimated 4,000 households in the Northeast.

“Global has an annual and long-standing program of making heating oil donations to local housing authorities and other nonprofit partners in more than 15 communities where Global has terminals,” said Eric Slifka, president and CEO of Global Partners. “This year, recognizing additional need in the community, we expanded the program into a multimillion-dollar support effort.”

In the winter of 2020-2021, about 5.3 million U.S. households relied on heating oil, and 82% of those were located in the Northeast. Supply is tight due to international conditions, including but not limited to the war in Ukraine. This has made the region more reliant on overseas imports, some of which come from Europe and have shrunk due to a decrease in Russian gas supply and increase in European heating oil demand.

“As many Northeast residents experience significant increases in winter heating costs, we have worked with our partners at utilities and in the private sector to ensure customers are being well served,” Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Barker said. “We appreciate Global Partners for doing their part to help support thousands of families across the New England and New York this winter.”

Global officials believe that, even with supply constraints, there is enough supply in the market to serve the historical Northeast demand throughout the winter. The company said it has reached out to officials to share recommendations on how government, utilities, and the private sector can get through this period.

“This [winter], we are facing the highest energy prices we have perhaps ever faced, including prices for home heating oil,” said Joe Diamond, executive director of the Massachusetts Association for Community Action. “This is a crisis that can only be met through a joint effort, a collaboration of government, nonprofits, and the private sector. Global’s donation will be instrumental in allowing our dedicated fuel assistance teams to target and deploy public and private resources to meet the emergency needs of households across the state during what is turning out to be a very tough New England winter.

“We are grateful for Global’s leadership and generosity.”