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Trucker Path expands load visibility

Jan. 4, 2023
New integration with Transport Pro’s management system allows drivers and fleets to ‘seamlessly and instantly’ post loads on the Truckloads freight exchange

Brokers using the Transport Pro TMS solution now can post loads on Trucker Path’s TruckLoads digital freight exchange through a new integration that instantly displays available loads to Trucker Path’s community of 1 million-plus drivers.

“With the instant access to TruckLoads through our integration with Transport Pro, their brokers can substantially increase exposure to loads,” said Chris Oliver, CMO at Trucker Path. “At the same time, the community of Trucker Path users gains immediate access to more available freight. This integrated capability will help meet capacity needs for brokers, and enhance the ability of drivers and fleets using TruckLoads to easily find loads and generate revenue.”

The new integration with Transport Pro allows brokers to opt in to post all of their available loads on TruckLoads with a single click, the companies said. On the Trucker Path load board, users can lock in capacity “instantly and digitally,” or communicate directly with the broker to negotiate rates or ask questions which are common practices in today’s spot market. Drivers and carriers also can verify their operating authority and insurance on the platform, simplifying the onboarding process for brokers.

The integration also offers a link back to Transport Pro’s Book Now platform, which increases online booking visibility and creates a truly automated workflow for both parties.

“By providing a seamless, automated integration to TruckLoads, Trucker Path enables our brokers to further expand their digital freight network,” said Kenneth Kloeppel, director of technology at Transport Pro. “This new integration gives them an additional resource for finding quality capacity and meeting the freight hauling needs of their shipper customers.”