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From left to right are sales managers Patrick Usher and William Usher III, and Usher president Ryan Usher.

Usher, J&M executives enter LEAD ATA program

Oct. 28, 2022
American Trucking Associations introduces 10th class, celebrates most recent graduates during Management Conference and Exhibition in San Diego

Usher Transport’s William Usher III and J&M Tank Lines’ Sabrina Williams joined 16 other industry executives in American Trucking Associations’ LEAD ATA program during the annual ATA Management Conference and Exhibition in San Diego.

Usher, the son of Usher Transport CEO Bill Usher, Jr., is a contract and sales manager; and Williams is J&M’s social media coordinator.

“Finding and retaining the next generation of leadership is critical to our industry’s continued growth,” said Chris Spear, ATA president and CEO.

“The impressive men and women that make up the LEAD ATA program are setting our industry and association up for success.”

ATA also recognized the program’s ninth graduating class during the conference.

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LEAD ATA, sponsored by DriverReach, offers exclusive educational opportunities for trucking industry executives, incorporating real-world problem solving and advanced industry insights. Throughout the course of the year-long program, “LEADers” are educated about the regulatory and legislative processes, and ATA’s efforts to shape those processes, including advocacy, image and outreach, research, and leadership training.

The incoming class of 18 men and women who will be participating in the program in the coming year includes:

  • Jeremy Carmichael, Ruan Transportation Management Systems
  • Kyle Check, Pressure Systems International
  • Madison Conway, DDC Freight Process Outsourcing
  • Tyler Damazo, PGT Trucking
  • Monika Darwish, Kodiak Robotics
  •  Carson Davidenko, FedEx Freight
  • Kelsey Gibson, Covenant Transport
  •  Mitch Giesey, FedEx Ground
  • Johnathan Gong, Youngs Commercial Transfer
  •  Isaac Issa, Legacy Express Trucking
  • Amy Kofoed, Navistar
  •  Meredith Priestley, Cargo Transporters
  • Grant Russo, Cummins
  •  Amanda Schuier, Jetco Delivery
  • William Usher III, Usher Transport
  • John Waters, Werner Enterprises
  • Sabrina Williams, J&M Tank Lines
  • John Zuckett, Yellow

The graduating class of 13 members first introduced last year in Nashville includes:

  • Lindsey Anderson, Ruan Transportation Management Systems
  • Lucas Connell, TCW, Inc.
  • Alicia Echols, Bennett Heavy & Specialized LLC
  • Lance Fausett, FedEx Freight
  • Christopher Gulker, TrueNorth Companies
  • James Herzog, Pressure Systems International
  • Bruna Kramer, FedEx Ground
  • Robert Lester, USA Truck
  • Stephen Sanders, Cummins Inc.
  • Rachel Singleton, Ken Stabler Trucking LLC
  • Joseph Skomorucha, U.S. Xpress Enterprises Inc.
  • Tyler Tigges, Great West Casualty Company
  • Angela Tillery, FedEx Freight

“The LEAD ATA program was created with the future in mind, continually encouraging the development and growth of next generations of leaders in the trucking industry,” said Jeremy Reymer, DriverReach founder and CEO. “With graduates having representation on nearly every committee, LEAD ATA’s involvement with not only the American Trucking Associations, but on Capitol Hill, with their companies, and with their local communities only continues to grow.

“As a proud sponsor, DriverReach has had the opportunity to engage with these dynamic leaders and watch this program grow immensely.

“On behalf of DriverReach, we are thrilled to welcome the 10th Class of LEAD ATA.”