Velostics Trucks At Fuel Terminal

Tech companies team up to modernize fuel terminals

Sept. 7, 2022
Velostics now connects truck dispatch systems through Toptech’s Load2day platform, helping reduce congestion, errors at loading racks

Houston-based logistics SaaS company Velostics and automation technology provider Toptech Systems are out to eliminate congestion at fuel terminals by modernizing the downstream energy industry through a new partnership.

The U.S. gasoline market requires 25 million tank truck loads delivered from fuel terminals to gas stations every year. But today’s drivers must key in a complex set of codes to create the order at the terminal gate, and this manual data entry results in errors and long lines at the loading rack. So Velostics created the industry’s first API that connects various truck dispatch systems with Toptech’s Load2day platform, enabling order-based loading and reducing loading times by more than 8%, the companies reported.

“Velostics is excited to partner with Toptech to modernize the downstream industry, increase throughput, and reduce congestion for all parties,” said Gaurav Khandelwal, Velostics CEO. “As the leading terminal automation system in the market, Toptech and Velostics are uniquely positioned to bring significant reduction in loading times, error rates, and admin overhead to suppliers, terminal operators, and carriers across the refined fuels industry.”

Toptech, based in Longwood, Florida and Antwerp, Belgium, offers terminal automation hardware, software, and hosted solutions that allow customers in the oil, gas, and refined fuels markets to control and manage inventories, transactional data, and invoicing. Velostics’ purpose-built logistics platform enables carriers and facilities to optimize their logistics with data driven operational insights that reduce congestion and increase throughput.

“Toptech and Velostics offers a unique opportunity to solve common problems plaguing suppliers, terminal operators, and trucking companies,” said Manish Patel, general manager at Toptech. “The gaps and data mismatches that exist between inventory management, ordering, dispatch, and terminal automation systems have been a source of inefficiencies, errors, and costs for years.”