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BulkLoads, NewBOS streamline bulk logistics

Aug. 1, 2022
Starting Aug. 1, NewBOS users will be able to upload freight opportunities to BulkLoads.com through new integration, making all parties ‘more efficient and profitable’

BulkLoads.com recently partnered with NewBOS Partners to allow NewBOS users to post load opportunities to its online load board for the bulk hauling industry.

NewBOS is a Florence, Montana-based technology company that provides industry-focused logistics, trading, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for feed, grain, and ingredient merchants and freight brokers. The app integration with BulkLoads, which provides load-matching and payment solutions, will eliminate errors and efforts from dual entry and management on the two platforms, the companies said.

“We know we serve the same customers from two angles—trade management for NewBOS and bulk hauling for BulkLoads,” said Jared Flinn, BulkLoads co-founder. “This integration simplifies the process, now allowing our systems to communicate seamlessly. Now traders can easily move shipments from NewBOS to BulkLoads, and BulkLoads carriers back to NewBOS, helping complete the entire load life cycle.”

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Starting Aug. 1, NewBOS GEN2020 users will have access to a built-in function for uploading opportunities to BulkLoads—which this year  expanded into bulk liquid loads—allowing them to easily find carriers for their cargo. This will streamline the freight process, making all parties more efficient and profitable, BulkLoads said.

“This really is a magic bullet for our traders and logistics teams trying to find trucks in these difficult times,” said Jeff M. White, NewBOS senior partner. “This integration with BulkLoads adds a much-needed resource pool to reduce time finding freight or backhauls for a specific or large group of loads.

“Efficiency continues to be the cornerstone of desperately keeping freight affordable and food costs down for all our families.”

The companies said they plan to continue expanding the integration, allowing NewBOS users to dispatch loads as if they’re using BulkLoads’ transportation management system (BulkTMS). Carriers also will be able to upload documents, weights, and invoices that automatically flow back into NewBOS and PaperBOS.

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