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Huck’s modernizes dispatching for fuel haulers

July 26, 2022
Midwest convenience store chain replaces legacy supply and logistics software with Gravitate’s Best Buy & Dispatch solution

Martin & Bayley, which operates Huck’s convenience stores, is replacing its legacy supply optimization and dispatching software with Gravitate’s Best Buy & Dispatch solution.

Huck’s, a Midwest chain with 120-plus locations, was searching for a partnership that could enhance its supply and logistics operations, and deliver a better experience for drivers, dispatchers, and supply managers.

“Given the volatility we’re facing with fuel supply and the driver shortage, I was looking for a solution to future proof our business,” said Paulette Hosick, Huck’s director of fuels. “Gravitate will help us make better supply decisions and increase the productivity of our drivers and dispatchers.

“The Gravitate team has a smart but simple solution, and they understand our business.”

Gravitate said its software will help Huck’s improve productivity and internal decision-making processes, allowing it to meet market demand in a competitive industry. Huck’s operations vary in complexity, so advancement requires reliable support from a partner that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to deliver “end-to-end” results.

Gravitate applies AI and automation to supply and logistics challenges and helps c-stores keep sites wet with the lowest possible laid-in cost of fuel, the company added. Gravitate uses the same technology to maximize the utilization of trucks and drivers, offering a “compelling” return on investment.

“Grativate’s faster, smoother, and more sophisticated solutions have propelled clients to move beyond old challenges,” the company said.