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Eagle earns Tier 1 Carrier of the Year honor

July 25, 2022
Murphy USA recognizes North Carolina-based bulk hauler for safely and reliably delivering 36,000 loads in 2021

Murphy USA recently named Eagle Transport its 2021 Tier 1 Carrier of the Year.

The award recognizes the Rocky Mount, North Carolina-based bulk transporter’s ability to deliver products on time and accurately, while operating at the industry’s highest safety levels, the companies said.

“The Murphy USA team values our partnership with Eagle Transport and wants to thank everyone involved for their hard work, professionalism, and dedication exhibited when servicing our business,” said Greg Downum, senior director of supply and distribution at Murphy USA.

Eagle previously won Murphy USA’s Carrier of the Year award for 2014.

The petroleum, chemical, and dry bulk hauler began serving Murphy in 2012 at select locations in Tennessee and Florida. Today, Eagle hauls fuel for more than 100 Murphy locations between 15 of its 21 terminals. Eagle has earned the Carrier of the Year award in each tier, with the ongoing alignment of its safety guidelines with Murphy’s safety rating system.

Service goes hand-in-hand with Eagle’s “top-tier” safety practices. Eagle drivers earned high marks for each safety category, including fuel outages, mixtures and spills, mis-pulls, and cover loads, allowing its drivers to deliver 36,000 loads for Murphy in 2021, Eagle said.

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