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FR&TL rewards driver with new pickup

July 7, 2022
Georgia-based trucker John Peak receives keys to black Chevrolet Silverado LT Extended Cab for 2021 safety performance

Florida Rock & Tank Lines (FR&TL) recently awarded one of its professional drivers a new pickup truck after he and the company met all of the annual safety goals set for 2021.

This year’s winner of a black Chevrolet Silverado LT Extended Cab is John Peak, who works out of FR&TL’s Albany, Ga., location.

“No one prioritizes safety more than Florida Rock & Tank Lines,” said Jim Anderson, FR&TL vice president of safety and risk management. “It’s part of our mission statement and a focus of daily operations, so we make sure to recognize it and reward our drivers for making it possible. One of the ways we do that is through our annual Chevy Truck Safety Contest.”

To be eligible to win the new truck, a driver must avoid any preventable incidents during the fiscal year. Additionally, both the company and the driver’s home terminal must meet specific preventable accident frequency targets, FR&TL said.

As a leading tank truck carrier in the Southeast, the company rewards drivers for their commitment to safe operations through several incentive and reward programs. Other incentives include cash bonuses for periods of outstanding safety performance and in recognition of safe driving, FR&TL said. Company drivers are able to earn bonuses quarterly and annually up to 6% of regular pay. The company also presents safe driving awards such as belt buckles, certificates and years-of-safe driving hats for various milestones, as well as larger awards, such as custom watches or rings, for each five-year service interval. FR&TL also recognizes drivers’ spouses and family with awards for their contributions in helping to keep the driver safe.

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