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KAG Energy unifies operations

May 23, 2022
Kenan Advantage Group transitions its five Fuels subsidiaries to its Energy division as first step toward combining operations

The Kenan Advantage Group is transitioning its Fuels subsidiaries to KAG Energy.

The company says this move is the first step in combining its five KAG Fuels operating companies—Kenan Transport, Advantage Tank Lines, Klemm Tank Lines, Petro Chemical Transport, and KAG West—under one brand. KAG is North America’s largest tank truck transporter and logistics provider, delivering fuels, specialty products, merchant gases, and food products across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

“By creating this entity and combining these subsidiaries into one company, we further strengthen our exceptional services to our customers while making sure we are better unified as ‘One Team’ under KAG Energy,” said Jason Platt, executive vice president of KAG Energy.
“The transition will take time, but will allow us to streamline our operations, better capitalize on our extensive U.S. footprint with our 4,000 professional drivers and independent contractors, capture best practices of all operating groups and, most importantly, continue to provide our customers with the first-class service they have come to expect from KAG.”

KAG Energy is the largest transporter of petroleum-based products in the country, annually delivering more than 30 billion gallons of refined petroleum products and renewables to its customers nationwide. The rebranding to ‘KAG Energy’ better reflects the vast service offerings the company provides its diverse customer base. The company has more than 30 different product segments that support the energy services sector of the country with products such as asphalt, butane, propane, plastics, transmix, and crude oil.

“Based on our size and geographical presence, we can better utilize our professional drivers and independent contractors in our fleet, which is so important in today’s transportation industry that is experiencing the effects of the nationwide supply chain crisis,” Platt said. “We are excited about this change as it better positions us for growth and more accurately reflects the services our valuable team members and contractors are performing.”