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PrePass debuts on Pedigree Cab-Mate ELD

May 11, 2022
Pre-clearance program comes to the OneView platform through two companies’ partnership.

PrePass Safety Alliance announced a new partnership with Pedigree Technologies that brings PrePass, the leading pre-clearance program in North America, to the OneView platform.

With this latest PrePass integration, fleets and drivers will experience fewer inspection stops while using a fleet management system that helps motor carriers provide safe, compliant, and efficient operation.

Drivers receive notification on the Cab-Mate ELD to bypass or pull into a weigh station—all while the truck travels at highway speed. In addition, fleets receive real-time driver safety alerts for work zones, traffic congestion, dangerous slowdowns, available truck parking, traffic incidents, rest areas, gusty winds, steep grades, and no commercial vehicle areas. Drivers access this information directly on the Cab-Mate ELD tablet, eliminating the need to switch between apps or devices.

“PrePass Safety Alliance is thrilled to provide PrePass on the Pedigree Technologies OneView Platform. This partnership between two trucking technology leaders will help fleets become more efficient and improve safety while saving time, fuel, and money,” said Mark Doughty, president and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance. “Our goal with this integration is to provide technology that helps motor carriers deliver their goods safely and on time—something more important now than ever.“

The PrePass app works with an optional RFID transponder to support electronic toll payment as a bundled service. Customers also receive access to INFORM Safety software to help assess safety performance and improve safety scores. INFORM supplies inspection, violation, and weigh station bypass data dashboards available only through PrePass.

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